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Organic Body Care with Natural Ingredients

Our skin care products for the body are exclusively based on natural and organic ingredients. The products contain carefully selected beneficial extracts and oils for you to treat yourself with a moment of luxury. With products from NATURIGIN, you avoid harmful chemistry and get the opportunity to make a healthier decision. The benefit of organic body care is the natural structure that ensures more rewarding care and nutrition to the skin. 

At NATURIGIN you find body care series which both are created for the environment and your health.

NATURIGIN Mindful Skin:

The Mindful Skin series consists of a Body Lotion, Body Wash and Intimate Soap. The series contains a unique combination of certificated organic ingredients and natural extracts that soften, nurse, and moisturise the skin. Our Body Wash and Body Lotion are based on natural ingredients such as Aloe Vera and Oats and have a pleasant and fresh scent of bilberry.


LYKKEGAARD is a luxurious series for your body care that spoils you with a Body Scrub, Body Wash, Body Lotion, and an Intimate Soap. The products leave your skin with a delightful scent of mandarin and rosemary. The products come in elegant and feminine packaging that decorate your bathroom beautifully. All bottles and tubes from LYKKEGAARD are made of recycled plastic. With this initiative, we assure that plastic gets taken out of the oceans and that the packaging can be recycled.

With body care from LYKKEGAARD you can put good products, self care, and comfort on the agenda – and get a boost of joy into your everyday life. 

LYKKEGAARD has also developed a series of facecare products that you can find here.

Spoil your skin with organic body care

Many of us are great at doing a good skincare routine on our faces every day, but we often forget to give our bodies the same nursing and protection. A good routine with organic body care not only gives you moisture and soft skin but also helps in giving your skin a healthy glow and a greater feeling of comfort.

Body Scrub:

Start your body care routine by exfoliating your skin a couple of times a week, by applying a body scrub to obtain soft and radiant skin. When using a body scrub, you remove the dead skin cells and thereby reduce the chances of impurities on the body.

Body Wash:

Wash your body using a gentle body wash that cleans and nurtures your skin. Choose a moisturizing body wash for your body care routine that rinses the skin without drying it out.

Intimate Soap:

To obtain the natural balance in the intimate area, it is important to use an intimate soap that is gentle and mild and minimizes the risk of skin irritation. Intimate soap can be used every time you shower or as required.

Body Lotion:

Finish your body care by giving your skin moisture and nourishment with a body lotion. Apply body lotion right after you have showered to preserve and maintain moisture in the skin. Regular use of body lotion enables your skin to remain smooth and healthy.

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