Conditions of Consent


By signing up for our newsletter, you agree that NATURIGIN is allowed to send e-mails with campaigns, offers, exclusive discounts, inspiration, competitions, forgotten goods in the basket and more general marketing about the initiatives of NATURIGIN concerning natural and sustainable beauty. The consent also involves that we are allowed to send autogenerated e-mails based on your interest and behaviour on our website. Besides marketing through e-mail, you also acknowledge NATURIGIN having the right to market itself on social media, via SMS, on the internet and other digital channels as well as using your data to optimize the performance of our webpage. 

NATURIGIN may collect and use data concerning you and your activities while using these along with other information that NATURIGIN has or gets. This can for instance be cookies from that, among other things, can be used to target our approaches at you. 

If you make a purchase at the NATURIGIN website, we are allowed to share your data with collaborators, in case it is relevant. NATURIGIN hands over information about your name, your address, your mail, your order number as well as delivery preferences to GLS or other conveyors that handle the freight and delivery of the products you bought. 

You are at any time entitled to get information about which data we have on you, which purposes your data serve, which categories of personal information we have registered about you, who receives and treats the information as well as from where our data about you is collected. 

You can always recall your consent through e-mail. This also applies to the collaborators with whom NATURIGIN has shared your data. You can always find an unsubscribe link at the bottom of all newsletters. 

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