Thickness Booster Shampoo

NATURIGIN Svanemærket NATURIGIN Certified Organic NATURIGIN Vegan

Thickness Booster Conditioner

NATURIGIN Svanemærket NATURIGIN Certified Organic NATURIGIN Vegan

Perfume-Free Shampoo

  NATURIGIN Svanemærket NATURIGIN Astma Allergi mærket NATURIGIN Vegan

Colour Lock Shampoo

NATURIGIN Svanemærket NATURIGIN Certified Organic NATURIGIN Vegan

Colour Lock conditioner

NATURIGIN Svanemærket NATURIGIN Certified Organic NATURIGIN Vegan

Colour Lock conditioner

Colour Lock conditioner

Organic Hair Care with Natural Ingredients 

Our organic hair care products consist of shampoo and conditioner containing certificated organic ingredients full of antioxidants and vitamins that nourish your hair and bring out the natural beauty of your hair. NATURIGIN has developed three haircare series based on natural ingredients and nourishing oils that fight dandruff and irritated scalp.

Thickness Booster:

Would you like to have fuller and more voluminous hair? Then our Thickness Booster-series is the right solution for you! Both the shampoo and conditioner are full of nutritious ingredients that deeply nourish the hair and contribute with lots of moisture giving the hair extra strength and depth.

Colour Lock:

If you have coloured your hair, it is crucial to use haircare specially developed to prevent the colour from fading. With the Colour Lock series, you get a shampoo and conditioner that strengthen the colour in each strand of hair while giving the hair a healthy and shiny look. Besides nourishing and nursing the hair, the Colour Lock-series also protects the hair against heat and UV rays.

Perfume Free:

We have developed a shampoo free of perfume for you with a sensitive scalp. With organic extracts from Aloe Vera and Nordic Pine the shampoo rinses and nurses your hair without removing ethereal oils and moisture. Our perfume-free shampoo is declared in collaboration with Asthma-Allergy Denmark and is beneficial for those with skin allergy, asthma and hypersensitivities.

The benefits of choosing organic hair care from NATURIGIN

If you devote yourself to natural organic hair products, NATURIGIN is the right place to find products for your hair care. At NATURIGIN we prioritize to be a healthier alternative which is why all of our products are developed with care.

  • All of our products are free of SLS, ammonia, resorcinol, and parabens.
  • We pick out the most nourishing and clean ingredients nature has to offer. Learn more about which ingredients we use.
  • We use the full potential of the ingredients we have chosen to treat your hair and skin.
  • We work with certifications that ensure some of the highest safety standards in the beauty industry. Read more about our certifications.

Organic Hair Care developed with care for the environment and your health 

Traditional shampoo can be harmful not only for your hair but also for your body because it contains harmful and synthetic chemicals which are absorbed through your skin. It would make a huge difference for you to choose organic and natural hair products as it reduces the chemical load on both your hair, your skin, and the environment.

How to use our hair care:

We recommend using organic shampoo two times. The first time you wash your hair, you remove dirt, oils, and excessive hair products. By washing your hair two times, you allow the shampoo to enter the hair and thereby reach its full nourishing potential as it deserves!

Afterwards, distribute a suitable amount of conditioner in damp, newly washed hair. Let it work for 5-20 minutes depending on how intensive you wish the treatment to be. Wash your hair thoroughly afterwards. 

If your hair is in the need of a bit more love in the form of a hair treatment, it is important that you finish up with conditioner as it provides the hair strands to close again. 

We have also developed a line of hair styling products with nursing qualities for you to style your hair without using harmful chemicals. Have a look at our selection of organic hair styling products here.

Do you need help with our hair care?
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